Date: 06/17/05 (WebDesign)    Keywords: html, web, shopping

    Ok, I have about a million questions that my husband asked me to ask. He's doing web creating and managing and doesn't know exactly what he's doing.

    1. On this page is there a way to click on the picture of each individual stone and have it paste the product information (price, stone name, etc) into the "shopping basket" thingy? As it is right now, everyone buying anything from the site has to copy the info and paste it into the box. Can we bypass C&P and just have it do it on a click? If not, what else might work?

    2. Do search engines index everything on a site? How does that work? My husband's boss's friend (who has a crappy ass website but still gives the boss advice) says any information in a table won't show up on a search and so you shouldn't use tables. Is this true? How can you organize a website without tables?

    3. How do you increase hits to a site without paying for a service?

    4. I don't remember any of the other questions. I may make a post again later. Thanks for your help.

    5. I remembered one more: The boss has about 40 domain names that he keeps registered but doesn't use. He wants to redirect traffic from any of the names to his site. Can he set himself up on a computer as his own server (like, on a Mac G5) and not have to pay for anything (except for keeping the domain names registered)? Or will he still have to pay some fee or for some service or... I don't even know what to ask. But does that make sense? As long as his server computer is always running, can he act as his own server and redirect hits to his main website? (he has domain names like silversmith, and silversmithing: really good ones that people would probably try to type in, and he wants them to go to his website, silversupplies).


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