I need advice...or somehing

    Date: 09/07/05 (WebDesign)    Keywords: programming, templates, web

    Help. Tell me what to do.

    Sorry in advance for the length...but I have to tell it all:

    There is an affilliate of the University of Florida (the major college in my town) called University Press. I got a tip from a business associate to bid on revamping their website. I spoke with him on the phone and got the details...we had a long conversation and I provided him with a quote for design and build out...I excluded programming from the quote because HE is the one in the office who handles that. He was only looking for design and build out. He called me in to talk and we had a long "interview" about the project. He mentioned that I was better prepared then many others he had talked to...so on and so on. He then asked how comfortable I was with plugging everything and programming after I was finished with the design. I am not a programmer at all. I myself could not do that part, but I have resources that could. He put it in such a way that I thought he was just wondering, but that it was no big deal. He then told me that he had a small networking thing going on the side and was often asked about web design. He wanted to know if I was interested in that type of side work. I told him that he could contact me for that of he wanted and I would see what I could do. He sent me a small site re-do to quote out which I did quote. He contacted me and told me that my rates ( $30/hr) were a little high and wanted to know what my "freelance designer" rates were rather then my business rates. ??? They are one in the same in most all cases unless I'm working with someone. I worked with him a little on the price and then he hit me with this...

    "I really want to get my business off the ground so you do understand that your name won't be anywhere on the site at all right?" I expressed discomfort with that, but was willing to just put one line at the bottom of the site about design only - I didn't want to discard all credit though. Then he tells me that since I'm not offering programming for UF Press and other bidders were he'd cut me a deal. He said he would put his little company name on the bottom of the site since he was doing the programming (which is his JOB) and mine would not be there at all. UF Press is where he WORKS...his full time job. This site has nothing to do with him personally. He then told me that they were going to hire him to do it, but that he said he didnt want to do the design portion. I found out that he doesn't know how to design or how to use the programs used for design, so he can't do it. I told him that I would gladly quote the programming end if needed, but that I was NOT comfortable with his way of doing things and that I would not relinquish credit for my part. Now I have found myself in a position where he is almost putting himself against me as competition. ????

    I just went to his website which a purchased flash template with 3 other purchased templates in the "portfolio" section. He has no clients at all.

    Do I go above his head and let them know what he's doing? I am sure they have no clue. It really pissed me off. What do I do? Did I do the right thing? :(

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