Date: 12/13/05 (WebDesign)    Keywords: software, web

    Truly it's been an uninspiring December. I received from my recruiter a web design assignment that turned out to be worse than expected.

    I arrived onsite to find that they did NOT have any of the software of connections that they told the recruiter they did have. I, like a sap, said that I had all that was needed at my house and could finish the job from home. Big Mistake! I told the person in charge that I could get the work done in 4 to 6 hours. Which I did on a Sunday from my house.

    Well, Monday came and with it were several revisions from the company and pdf's showing how they wanted the pages laid out. Along with that I had to wait until Tuesday to actually put the pages online as they had to call 3 people to get the right IP address, username and password.

    I get all the work done. (What was supposed to be 3 pages and some edits turns out to be 13 pages and LOTS of edits) And I then submitted my time card to my employers to sign. Sunday + part of Monday + Tuesday =20 hours. Yep, 4 to 6 hours to get the original work done and the rest of the work week to totally obliterate what I made and make it conform to their pdf's.

    Now for the cherry, on the sundae. They tell the recruiting agency that they don't understand why they have to pay for the additional time on Monday and Tuesday. So, the recruiter call me and I write out a complete list of everything that I did, including the additional pages and all the time I spent reworking what I'd finished on Sunday.

    I'll never volunteer my resourses like that again for the a placement job. If they don't have the stuff I need to complete the work on site, then tough tittie. I'll call the recruiter and get the hell out of there.

    That and the fact that I'm unemployed for the holidays makes for the grouchy '[info]'_stag


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