Integrating a php file into a webpage

    Date: 01/20/06 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, templates, html

    I'm looking for tutorials on how to integrate a .php file into a (previous .htm file but now a) .php file. Or a brief explanation if there's such a thing, hehe.

    I've been using Dreamweaver and templates for one of my sites and now I want to integrate CuteNews script into it. (Me-background: I know html, but the div tag and I aren't the best of friends. But if that's what I have to do then I won't stop until I win.)

    I've been told to use this thing:


    but they never said exactly how I use it..... (I have barely used php before)

    This is how my page looks like in DW. And I want my show_news.php to show up in the right editable region.

    Oh, and it'a a plain old table on the page, no divs whatsoever.


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