virus? adware? something else really annoying?

    Date: 03/04/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: virus, spyware, yahoo, google

    hey everyone... here's my problem, i hope someone can help.

    i was on a couple sites looking for info on programs to download to convert a video file so i could burn it to a dvd and watch it on my tv (cause whatever file i have it as doesn't work). anyway, while i was on this site, a couple of those activex things popped up and i (stupidly) accepted them. then i got all this crap on my computer. most of it called "azesearch". so, i disabled the add ons that it installed on my tool bar. then i scanned my computer with ad-adware, which got rid of 44 files. i did a search for any file with "azesearch" in it. deleted around 8 of those. and now.. well, everything seems to be working okay, EXCEPT yahoo search or google search (there could be more not working but thats the only two ive noticed so far). the google search wont even work past the homepage (i get 'page cannot be displayed), also the same when i try to activate my gmail invite. the yahoo search page looks different. i mean, if you glance at it, it looks the same, but most of the links dont work. it has a "popular searches" column on the right which is all porn related. and if i search for something, it gives me a bunch of random non-related results, mostly about spyware, virus protection, or other "free sony vaio!" type of scams.

    so, does anyone know what the problem could be or how to fix it? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    btw, if this should be posted in a different community, please let me know. thanks again.


    EDIT: i use windows xp and IE if that helps.


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