follow-up, kind of...

    Date: 03/06/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: virus

    ok so i posted in here yesterday about not being able to install a game.
    i went and exchanged it for another copy, but that one won't work either. it does the same thing. so i decided that my computer must just hate that game or something and threw it aside.
    later on last night, i was trying to burn a data cd of a project for class. no matter what program i used (i have a couple) it would error out at the end.
    it's fine with burning audio cds though, and i can listen to cds fine.
    THEN i remembered that i can't watch dvds on here anymore, because they always freeze at 1:30:00, no matter what.

    is my drive dying or something?
    i mean it seems like my cd-rom just doesn't want to it possible it's a virus?


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