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    Date: 03/14/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: software, virus, web, google

    Okay, I have gone to several computer help websites, googled til I've gone nuts, and asked all my computer smart friends, but nobody seems to be able to fix this problem. So I'm really hoping that someone here can help me.

    I recently got a new tower built by a man who seemed experienced enough. It comes with Windows XP Home Edition SP2, and so far I have had no trouble at all. Until recently when I discovered I'm unable to upload. I can't upload, transfer files over e-mails, or even send files through AIM. A friend of mine suggested I create a 1x1 pixeled size icon to just see if I couldn't upload period or something else. Well apparently it lets me upload that icon, so we figure something is limiting how much data I'm allowed to upload or send. We guess that limit is around 4096 kbs since thats about how much that icon was. I've turned off Windows XP firewall thinking that might be the issue but it wasn't. I've checked network connections, and made sure that I didn't have any anti-virus software that might be trying to prevent me from doing this. And so far there seems to be no reasonable explanation for why I'm having all this trouble. If you need to know more about my computer feel free to ask, since I'm willing to do anything to get this thing fixed since I'm going crazy trying to figure out whats wrong. I really appreciate any help given, since I know some of you are probably busy. Thanks.


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