associsdangerous error msg

    Date: 03/23/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: virus, antivirus, web, spyware, microsoft

    i apologize in advance because i know this will turn into a lengthy post, as i have searched high and low for the answer(s) to my problem.. and found several solutions, some of which contradict each other.. and i am at a loss.. literally. since my computer will no longer boot up.

    my issue is this.. i receive this error msg when i try to start up my computer (hp,running on windows xp home edition):

    1) winlogon.exe entry point not found. Procedure entry point AssocIsDangerous could not be located in dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll. When I click on "ok" or the "x" , I get

    2) Logon user interfce dll msgina.dll failed to load. This restarts computer back to the first error. I cannot get past this.

    from what i have read... several ppl have had this issue after doing some sort of windows update on xp dealing with service pack 1 i think it is. however, i thought i had a virus since my computer was all sorts of acting up (saying low on memory, going reaaaally slow, and my internet explorer would not revert back to homepage and obvious adware, etc)...

    so i decided to uninstall and reinstall internet explorer.. hoping it would at least help for a bit so i could run my spyware/adware programs to get rid of some of it (i have netscape as backup).. so i do that, and i go to restart my computer and this happens.. it will not even boot in safe mode.

    i then go out and get norton antivirus, hoping this will get my "virus" and i create some emergency disks.. only to find there is no virus at all.. and after some more research i learn it is a microsoft problem.

    i guess i will get to my real point out of all of this. has anyone else had this issue or known someone with it before? what did you/they do to fix it? i have heard of using the XP cd to boot into Recovery Mode to fix the corrupted files.. and then i've read not to go into Recovery Console at all because that will mess it up? i really do not know.

    Also, my other big issue is that.. i do not have my XP nor a factory restore cd or anything. my computer came with it previously installed.. and anyone else in the house either had the same or has no idea where it is. so i'm stuck. i can make emergency boot disks from the microsoft website..however, it says at the end of the instructions that to finish the set up, i will need the cd anyway. any suggestions? thank you so much in advance!!


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