Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

    Date: 06/16/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: no keywords

    Hi, I'm running a soundblaster audigy platinum soundcard, with the front drive. I recently just picked up a headset and i'm trying to use the microphone input on the front drive, which is the input2/mic2 input. However whenever i set it to use this one, and then load up an application to use the mic, it defaults back to the mic input in the back of the audio card. which is annoying because when i load up a game to use it then i have to load the game, alt tab out of it and switch back to the game. Anyone know how i can keep the second input as the default. (I'm not looking for answers like, resolder the wires on the card, or just get a switch or extension, it negates the whole purpose of having the front drive.)


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