Can reports handle other data types?

    Date: 11/22/05 (C Sharp)    Keywords: templates

    I discovered a great feature of new VS 2005 - to allow use of Classes as
    datasources for reports. I created a simple class with a couple of public
    string fields that source my report and they show quite happily in report
    viewer. Great functionality.

    Now, I am trying to see if I can source an Array-like type to report and get
    it to show the data. For example say I have a Book class, that will conain
    name of the Author, number of pages, price and a HashTable (or another
    suitable) of characteristics: size, page colors and index.

    Something like:

    public HashTable OtherVals

        HashTable my = new HashTable();
        my.Add("PageColor", "green");
        return my;

    How can this be shown on report?

    Rewording of this quetsion below...

    the .rdls report templates, when a Class is used as its datasource - what
    sort of data types can it handle?

    In other words - strings work great, ints etc...

    How about ArrayList() or HashTable() or something that will allow me pass
    this into the report with 5 items and show them in a list.

    Thanks a lot!


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