C# and SOAP serialization

    Date: 12/27/04 (C Sharp)    Keywords: xml

    Hello, everyone.
    I have a question regarding SOAP serialization. As far as I know, SOAP specification allows arbitrary XML constructs to be appear in the body of SOAP message in a way similar to this:


    My program manages RDF/OWL (RDF and OWL are subsets of XML with defined schema) descriptions. It parses RDF/OWL files, creates some objects, transmits them using SOAP, and then creates RDF/OWL files again from the objects recieved on the endpoint, so newly created files could be used by any application that conforms RDF/OWL specification.

    The problem is that I want to define custom SOAP serialization using SoapFormatter. I need to set up serialization in a way it allows me to create arbitrary XML in messages. Working with basic attributes controlling SOAP serialization didn't help at all -- SoapFormatter ignores them.

    Using XmlSerializer is not the right way, I think. Moreover, creating complex SOAP messages with collections could be nontrivial task (we have to manage all the 'refs' in SOAP message and so on), so it won't help.

    So I need ANY advice on how to create arbitrary XML elements in SOAP messages. Thanks in advance.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/csharp/22848.html

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