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    Date: 02/21/07 (IT Professionals)    Keywords: mysql, database, sql, postgresql, web, hosting

    I used to work in web hosting and domain registration and the like. But I've been out of it for the last 2 and half years focusing on backup and disaster recovery. Anyway, does anyone know of a "good" hosting and domain registration service? I know from experience that a lot of these companies will milk you for every dollar they can and you need to have a company that is on the up and up. Has anyone had good experience with a particular company?
    The site will be a small specialty site. No commerce or what have you, but we will need email, and about 10 MB of space. This will be a business but should not have a lot of traffic. 10 hits per day average. If possibly, I would like to have the ability to do database (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and shell access but that is not a requirement.

    Thank you in advance for any help.


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