Who is the web user?

    Date: 05/29/06 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, templates, web, linux

    ** sorted, thanks.

    I have a Linux server that I am slowly learning how to use. A friend of mine who is very good with Linux not available for lots of questions set it up for me. I am at the moment trying to install Smarty Templates. I have a question about part of the installation instructions that I have copied below.

    In our example, the document root is /web/www.domain.com/docs and the
    web server username is "nobody". We will keep our Smarty files under

    Who is the web server username that nobody is referring to?

    Another question I have is about the location of the Smarty files. The installation docs suggest /usr/local/lib/php/Smarty/

    Why that directory particularly? There was no php directory in /usr/local/lib/. I set one up and copied the files as instructed. I am just curious about that choice of location.


    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/php/454125.html

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