Contract position in DC

    Date: 09/22/06 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, css, sql, java, postgresql

    A couple of weeks back, I posted about a possible job opening in the DC area -- well, that one has been filled already with someone already in the company. However, they are now posting a new 6-month contract position with about a 50% chance of becoming a permanent position at the end of the contract.

    The position is at The Atlantic Media Company, which produces (among others) The National Journal, Atlantic Monthly and Government Executive magazines. The position in question would assist in fleshing out a next generation content management system, and integrate it into the workflow of the various publications. DC area applicants are preferred, but remote work is not out of the question. I won't kid you that the pace of the work is frantic, but I know there are some who thrive on high expectations -- if that's your thing, by all means apply.

    PHP (5+, some OO preferred, Zend Framework a plus)
    Javascript (we'll be using the jQuery library)
    DB admin skills a big plus
    Red Hat skills a plus

    Send resumes and salary requirements to


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