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    Date: 02/05/07 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, tracker

    Originally I was looking to incorporate phpOpenTracker into our project( enteprise level +15k daily users) to record impressions, hits, and then modify the schema to add on system/application auditing. But before I start ripping into the code, is there any other open source packages that can handle some sort of weekly merge table schema along with doing internal logging of user actions (guest and authenticated users). I started writing my own logging engine, and that is most likely the best way to go, but I am running short on time.

    Another package I found was TraceWatch, but it's pretty useless (non-GPL, obfuscuated code, and no suggestion of being able to purchase a license == dead end). My requirements is that we can modify/edit the entire system to our needs, it needs to be as flexible as possible (lots of lookup tables to reduce information replication), and of course GPL'd/open source or available for licensing.

    Any suggestions?

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/php/537878.html

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