Distributed development tool?

    Date: 07/26/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, programming, software, database, sql, postgresql, web

    Having recruited a small army to help me code, I've been trying to sort out a distributed development system. The only problem with this is the fact that I can't find a system that caters for what I need, and building one from scratch is a minor ballache (not to mention was taking far too long - that was my original tactic).

    Basically, I need web software that does the following: Bug tracking, project and task management, static content, project and general discussion, SCM/version control (CVS/SVN preferably, SVN looks nicer, either can be installed as needed).

    In real terms, I need something to be able to hand out documentation on the web, throw projects up that people can choose to take on, a bug tracking system (for obvious reasons), somewhere to talk about the projects and in general, and manage code. We've looked at GForge - it's nice, but requires PostgreSQL, and I don't have time to rewrite it into ADODB. Combining that with a wiki (or something similar) plus discussion board would probably fit it beautifully, but again, it'd also mean rewriting the login systems and integrating them - which would be a pain in the neck for two seperate database systems. Tried TUTOS, but it's unrefined, and missing many of the things we need - it's more resource and personnel planning. Flyspray is good for tracking bugs, and MediaWiki is good for static code. phpBB of course is an excellent piece of forum software. But none of them actually fit together. Writing a system to combine them is possible, but expensive in terms of time, as I said earlier.

    I can't find anything that seems to fit the bill. I could write one, but it takes far too long, especially with a one-man programming team.

    Is there anything that anyone knows of out there that may fit the bill? Either that, or it's going to be a long few days coding for me :-/

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