PHP and Oracle

    Date: 02/22/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, blogging, sql

    is there anyone oout there who knows much about working with Oracle? i have a few questions about a project i'm doing.

    i've created a very basic blogging system, the index page displays all of the posts (in a very ugly plain format hehe), and has a link to a page where you can write your post. click Submit and the post is commited to the DB and going back to the indexpage you can see the new post.

    I'd like to be able to display the posts in a more attractive way, but i'm not sure how. I really only know the basics of PHP and SQL.
    The second thing i'd like is to have the ability to comment on each post, similar to LJ really.

    All source code for the pages can be provided if anyone would like to tackle this. If someone has the time to step-by-step me through these i'd be super grateful! if someone feels kind enough to write the code and be done with it, even better. Or if ou are feeling cryptic and just want to supply some really good links to sites that deal with PHP/Oracle tutorials, that would be helpful too! :)

    -fingers crossed-

    pretty please? :)



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