PHP Blogging Script

    Date: 02/27/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, blogging, html, security

    I hope you don't mind me asking this here (seems a good a place as any, in my opinion), but I've got a quick question.

    Can anyone offer some suggestions on a good PHP-based blogging script? It just needs to work for me (meaning it doesn't have to be community-oriented). All I really need is a subject, entry, basic archives, comments, post icons, html formatting (but auto newlines would be handy), music, moods, screening (security), and ... that's about it. Sounds longer when you write it out.

    I've looked over Bloxsom, and it looks good, but it's only in Perl. I've seen a couple of Bloxsoms in PHP, but not sure what to use...

    I've also seen PHPBBlog, or whatever it's called. Anyone have an opinion on that?

    Of course, like a true PHP Guru, I suppose I should build one myself.


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