Date: 12/28/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: cms, templates

    Ok, I have been working on my CMS for some time now. This is a bespoke one time only product (although I'm writing so it can have mods, new templates etc, so it can be used else where if I ever feel the need). I have now come to the point of my sites forum.

    Now as far as I see this, there are two ways of attacking the problem.

    1. I can take an "off the shelf package" (I have a version of IPB) and mod this to integrate with my CMS. This will require some very big mods and it will never truly fit in with the look of the rest of the site.

    2. I can write my own. Ok, so it would be very simple, but one you can start a thread on and comment on. It would have to be no where near as powerful as IPB, but I could build up its functionality over time.

    So good people, which do you think is the best method. Something that require integrate perfectly and covers the basics, or something that is not such a snug fit, but will do lots more?

    (I know I haven’t given details, I’m just asking with that information what would you go for and why)


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