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    Date: 01/09/06 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, templates, mysql, css, html, sql, java, spam

    I've been hunting all around for a decent photo gallery. There seem to be quite a few different projects, some of which are still active, available. None of them seem to accomplish what I'm looking for, though. I have tested quite a few, but all are lacking. To this end, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has anything similar to what I've been looking for.

    Major Features:
    Abstracts image URLs - hides the path and filename to prevent direct access
    Public/private flags - allows some images to stay hidden
    Tags - I'd like to be able to tag the images ala, LJ, Flickr
    Does not require gd - auto-thumbnails and watermarks can be disabled
    Traverses directories - new images can be dropped in a subfolder or the root image folder and will be picked up automatically
    Comments - allows for public (configurable) or private comments, either ties into phpbb or uses some sort of email validation/captcha scheme to reduce spam
    EXIF - extracts all image data form the photographs and can display it
    Uses simple cacheable CSS/XHTML templates
    Does not store images in DB
    Uses MySQL or abstraction layer that allows MySQL for comments, tags, etc
    Takes reasonable measures to be secure and speedy

    Minor Features:
    Users can upload images
    Temporary/expiring image URLs for sharing
    Hotlinking configuration - allow all, deny all, allow specific sites
    User-switchable templates
    Javascript navigation and image pop-ups optional
    Keeps stats on a pre image basis - top keywords, views, etc
    All images can be watermarked automatically
    Thumbnails may be re-generated automatically
    Can assign/rename/describe multiple photos at once

    I'm sure there are more details, but that should give a start. The scripts I've found so far are either too simple and don't have many features or too complex and require components and methods of use that I won't be using. There are a few others that store the images in the DB, which is something I'm definately against. I want to be able to FTP a directory of images and know that it will be online and ready to go as soon as the transfer is complete, or that it takes a simple click to do a rescan so they are available.

    If I have to, I'll start from scratch... I was just hoping that there would be something available that I have not yet found that could serve as a foundation to build from.



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