1. Dumb question...

    Date: 01/10/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: templates, html

    Since I'm most accustomed to hand-coding but am using Dreamweaver today cause I'm in a hurry, I've run into a problem with templates. I've applied the template to all documents, but I find that the links don't work because the links refer back to the template which is inside the Templates folder. For instance, something that links to an item under images will say "../images/pic.jpg" because that's how the template finds it, but once I apply the template to, say, the index.html page, the link still says "../images/pic.jpg" which it can't find because the index.html page is NOT within the Templates folder.

    Is there some function I'm missing? Should I have just handcoded it my darn self? Big hurry. Thanks!

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1207509.html

  2. Help with phpbb theme

    Date: 02/15/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, templates, css, html

    Is there any chance I could enlist someone's aid in putting together a phpbb style for a new forum I'm doing?

    I'd like a dark, gritty, industrial feel to it.

    I'd also really like the templates to be fully xhtml/css compliant, but that can be split into two tasks. I can attempt that myself, but I need to brush up on my XHTML and CSS skills. Or if you're good with XHTML/CSS but not necessarily with graphics, maybe you can help me in that regard.

    Here are a couple examples of themes I like to give you an idea. The top example is probably the best, and the theme I normally use is Zarron's Charcoal3Steel.

    design - http://osc.template-help.com/forum_12926/
    Charcoal3Steel - http://zarron.com/
    side tabs - http://osc.template-help.com/forum_12882/
    dance - http://osc.template-help.com/forum_11934/
    Ambience - http://www.extremepixels.net/phpbb/index.php?s=35
    Tren_z - http://www.extremepixels.net/phpbb/index.php?s=58
    mechanical_creator - http://osc2.template-help.com:8081/forum_13468/

    I like how some of these break up the layout with some white space, putting navigation tabs on the left, and utilize non-standard lines to break up the usual boxy layout of phpbb. Sometimes it is just the same blocky layout, but the graphics have nifty tabs and curves to dress it up.

    The artist who helps me would obviously still own the work and would decide distribution rights of it as they wish.

    Thanks for your time!

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1222052.html

  3. Can I request some help?

    Date: 02/15/07 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, templates, css, html, asp, web

    I have seen the glory that is css/div/non-table based design. I'm a big fan of valid XHTML. I just suck at it.

    And while I'm more than willing to broaden/improve my skills, I'm trying to put together a new forum. I'm looking at phpbb themes and I want to cry. The design is just atrocious.

    Is there any chance I could enlist someone's aid in putting together a phpbb style for a new forum I'm doing?

    I'd also really like the templates to be fully xhtml/css compliant, but that can be split into two tasks. One task is developing the artwork, which can simply be putting together a sliced psd file, and the other is making the templates. If you have artistic skills, or xhtml/css skills, I can use your help either way. (I understand this community is more focused on the coding of web-design, but that doesn't mean the members here aren't possibly good resources in other aspects of web-design).

    I found one theme that uses css/div-based/non-table design, and it is for SMF, not PHPBB, and sadly much of the functionality I need I can only really find in PHPBB hacks. But it does go to show that even when working around clunky forum content, it can be done. (If anyone cares, I'm talking about the Endar Theme for SMF)

    I'd like to break up the layout with some white space, move navigation tabs on the left, and utilize non-standard lines to break up the usual boxy layout of phpbb.

    The artist who helps me would obviously still own the work and would decide distribution rights of it as they wish.

    I am also willing to throw a few bones at whomever helps me, but I'm also largely broke.

    Thanks for your time!

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdev/387303.html

  4. mutating CSS

    Date: 03/03/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: templates, css

    Hey folks, wondering if I can get some empathy here...I'm stsill using Dreamweaver MX for Mac (haven't felt the burning need to upgrade)...and weird things happen sometimes. I use templates and CSS stylesheet for my projects, and sometimes, for no particular reason, things start suddenly appearing oddly. Like a

    will suddenly LOOK like it has shifted up 5 pixels. I check the code, no changes. WTF?
    Also, sometimes code just gets "contaminated." can't explain it any other way. Like i have an absolutely placed footer that somehow duplicated itself in a document made from a template. It isn't showing up in the template, but it IS appearing in the doc, but in gray (uneditable) so i cant' remove it. So I have to end up regenerating the whole page.


    Has this happened to any of you?

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1227842.html

  5. manage affiliates

    Date: 04/12/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: templates

    Do you manage affiliates on your site?
    if yes - can you reccomend  good scripts/templates?

    If you have any
    affiliations to offer - 
    or you'ld like to find some for you - 
    Come & Join '[info]'
    Affiliations  society!


    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1243360.html

  6. Content management systems?

    Date: 05/19/07 (Web Development)    Keywords: cms, templates, software

    Anyone using CMS here? I'm working with non-profit organizations that don't want to spend much (meaning not much of my time will be spent setting it up) and they want volunteers to maintain the site. Volunteers without skills and/or expensive software are easier to find. I've tried various programs (I'd be happy to name them and point to sites that use them) and would like to know what you all have tried and what the plusses and minuses might be. There are new ones all the time. Anyone use Drag & Drop? I'm also looking for CMS templates if you know of sources besides what their developers provide. I appreciate whatever information you might have.

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdev/409517.html

  7. DIY Framework v0.1 released

    Date: 06/04/07 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, templates, mysql, html, xml, database, sql, web

    xml.lt has announced the release of DIY Framework. It is an open–source web application framework based on MVC architecture, object–oriented PHP 5, MySQL, and XSLT.

    The Model is database–backed and generated by Propel ORM tool, the Controller is inspired by REST and RDF, and the View is based on XSLT stylesheets as templates.

    The framework allows clean and precise sever–side development with a fully object–oriented code, absolutely no mixing of PHP, (X)HTML and/or SQL code, resources that have nice meaningful URIs with no extra effort, and many other features. On the other hand, it is tiny, flexible, and not overloaded with buzzword things.

    Blog post (digg!):

    More information and download:


    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdev/411944.html

  8. Restoring blank template in Word Mobile

    Date: 10/22/07 (Computer Help)    Keywords: templates, microsoft

    In a frenzy of moving items to my storage card, I apparently deleted my blank template for Word from my Treo 700wx. Of course, I can make up a default template, but Word Mobile seems to be looking for the template in a specific location-- where it isn't. Could anyone tell me where the Templates folder should be on the device, so I can put it back? Or, perhaps you may tell me that what I think will fix things, won't... sigh... I've searched the help files at Palm, Microsoft, and even my carrier, but so far no luck. When I have time I will call tech support, I suppose, but right now I don't have a lot of time to stay on hold--

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/computer_help/829836.html

  9. Complete newbie here...

    Date: 11/03/07 (HTML Help)    Keywords: templates, web

    I have a freewebs website, and I'm trying to code my own layout for it, since the templates suck.  I made the layout, but now I don't know what to do.

    Someone help me!

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/htmlhelp/2422257.html

  10. Help to choose a CMS

    Date: 11/03/07 (Web Development)    Keywords: cms, php, templates, web, shopping

    I need to choose a CMS and roll out a website fairly fast. I've never used a CMS before and I don't have time to test several of them, please help me to choose. I've narrowed the field to Drupal, Joomla and ModX, but let me know if I've overlooked anything good. I don't mind coding but won't have a lot of time for this, so the more I can have out of the box, the better.

    What I need:
    This is a site for a professional organization with paid membership. This site will be edited by volunteers who don't know anything about web development, so I need to create a separate minimalistic back-end for them, that doesn't show any admin functions.
    I'll need a calendar, user registration with custom form (and SSL), some members-only pages, forum, possibility of user rating/comments on resources, possibly shopping cart. Also some kind of bookmark app, so users can see a list of their favorite site resources when they log in. I'll also need to provide a chance for state-level organization to have their sub-sites with their own navigation and graphics, but using our templates.
    As all this is probably hard to find in one package, I'll need above all flexibility and to be able to integrate easily with other PHP scripts.

    Please help, I have to make a decision in the next few days. Thanks!

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdev/446000.html

  11. Tab Selector?

    Date: 12/11/07 (Web Development)    Keywords: php, templates, css, html

    i am wanting to make my tab nav a php include such that i can easily change the menu for all pages as needed. i am using CSS class on the LI element to indicate selected. so how to have that show up for each page without hard coding the menu or using parameterized url?

    i know i could use dreamweaver templates for this but i forget how i did that before, so i am trying to do with php now [unless you suggest better/best way to do?]:


    eg. in each page:

    $_GLOBAL["tab"]=3; include 'common/menu.php';

    then in menu.php

    $menu=array("Home"=>"#","About Us"=>"#","Products"=>"#","Services"=>"#","Contact Us"=>"#");

    function make_tabs($value,$key)
    global $it,$j;
    echo ($j++ != $it) ? '

  12. ' : '
  13. ';
    echo "$key
  14. \n";


    output, where "it" would appear as the selected tab (used []'s for posting purposes):

    [li][a href="#" class="it"]Home[/a][/li]
    [li][a href="#"]About Us[/a][/li]


    i know this is very crude but was trying to do this before posting here. this works fine but is obviously inelegant.. i'm sure you've all had to deal with this in some form or another. i'm embarrassed to ask.

    also this method doesn't allow for use of HTML "title" attribute as i'm quite fond of using that for menus and such. the dreamweaver template method would be static but would be versatile as well.

    open to discussion/recommendations/examples. thanks

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdev/452377.html

  15. A general question on PHP template websites.

    Date: 12/12/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: php, templates, html, web

    Hey everyone,

    I have a question about PHP generated template websites. I am a member of an organization that has about fifty different charters across the united states. Recently, they have moved from a html website (www.owbn.org) to a new site using a PHP Template (www.oneworldbynight.org)

    Now, I am not a fan of their new site, mostly due to it's using of PHP templates and it's overall design. I have always been under the perhaps misguided impression that these kind of templates were not the most effecient way to maintain a site. Since this site came online, I have expressed my opinion and since then have been told of the many benefits of PHP.

    My question to you all is, am I right in feeling that PHP templates are ill advised? Is this site really not that bad? Am I a fool to think that I could do better?

    Thanks! <3

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1340053.html

  16. Menu Template?

    Date: 12/12/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: templates, css


    I would like to create a menu similar to what is on this page, where each button is a link and some buttons expand lists while others don't.

    I tried dynamic drive, but the problem I have is that the menu templates they offer only do expansions, not both (example).

    I am CSS illiterate and would appreciate a template or some sort of instructions on how to do this. I would be grateful for any advice you have to offer!

    Thank you! :o)

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1340207.html

  17. PC Software for Personal Business

    Date: 01/15/08 (Computer Geeks)    Keywords: templates, software, web

    I'm thinking WAY ahead here, but I'm about to start graduate school and I will eventually run a private health practice. Thus far, I only have experience with the student edition of MS Office. I'd like to familiarize myself with all the programs I need to run my own small business. I'll need to manage at least the following:

    *Personal finance/book keeping
    *Promotional material creation
    *Professional document templates
    *Website creation/management

    Would you recommend a more advanced edition of MS Office, a different series of PC programs altogether, or a combination? I'd like to keep things as streamlined and simple as possible, but be sure I also have the skills to work with common PC software if I end up in a group practice.

    Suggestions? Thanks!

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/computergeeks/1142947.html

  18. sorry if this is not allowed

    Date: 01/23/08 (Computer Geeks)    Keywords: php, templates

    Is anyone familiar with how to make PHPBB Templates. I need to do them for a forum and if someone can do them for me, or point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.


    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/computergeeks/1145787.html

  19. Mass E-mailer?

    Date: 02/16/08 (Web Development)    Keywords: templates, html, google

    My co-worker is looking for a good mass e-mailer. What do you recommend for bulk/mass mailing lists?

    It should have automatic BBC, bounced e-mail management, WYSIWYG html templates with the option of sending in plain text, can handle apostrophes, quotation marks, and all other punctuations.

    I Googled and saw all those pricey bulk e-mailers. I am looking at those $99-$149 "Professional Bulk E-mailers" but not sure if they are worth it...


    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdev/467431.html

  20. How To Display Current Year in PHP

    Date: 03/01/08 (Java Web)    Keywords: php, templates

    The most common use of this is to display the current year in the copyright message dynamically. Anyone who really knows PHP should be able to do it easily. However not everyone who has to use PHP knows PHP, like, for example, people using snippets in ModX or modifying templates in WordPress. Here is the [...]

    Source: http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/how-to-display-current-year-in-php/

  21. Template tutorials

    Date: 03/12/08 (WebDesign)    Keywords: templates

    I am looking for a good online tutorial regarding templates. I have no idea how to set one up and the tutorials I have found aren't as in depth as I would like. I need something that is start to finish. Can anyone send me a link to some good sites or books? Thanks so much.

    Source: http://community.livejournal.com/webdesign/1367766.html

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