Ideas Needed for a Rush Job

    Date: 03/10/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: web

    I knew this would come and bite me in the here it is.

    I need to redo my portfolio tonight. There's a job that I'm applying for and the job closes tomorrow. The requirement is a web design portfolio in addition to the resume.

    My last portfolio ( was a last-minute hack and slash job that I did to meet portfolio requirements for a school application. I received the letter with the requirements 18 hours before it was due, so it was one heck of a rush job, and one I was never happy with. I've been "in the process of redoing it" (read: I keep telling myself, I really need to get something done on it) ever since, but that's never gone anywhere past a main splash screen ( - the links don't go anywhere at the moment) which I was never entirely sure I liked. Luckily, the content is only slightly out of date. It won't take long to add newer material. What I'd like though, is suggestions as to how I should go about structuring it. What looks impressive without being overdone or tacky in web design these days? I have my ideas, but I'm looking for things that I might be missing.

    So, as of now, I have 36 hours to redo this thing. I know I can do it, but I'm not sure *what* do to make it look simple and clean, but impressive. I'm horrible for coming up with ideas when under pressure.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help.

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