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    Date: 01/04/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: templates, web, hosting

    Hi guys,

    I've had my friend's website (the Book Brothel - a book reviews site, very cool) hosted on Netrillium for the past three years.

    Last year, Movable Type exploded. I don't have internet at home and couldn't really do anything in the way of fixing it. I asked for help from Netrillium, because googling the problem led me to believe it was the result of a change on their end which messed up my install. They tried a little, said it was fixed, I said it wasn't, they ignored me for a year (not that I was e-mailing daily.. but still.) My long-suffering friend trudged bravely on with her half-working install.

    The last straw has come, though: as she approached her space limit, the MT install was garbled again. We asked for a backup. We asked to be moved to a higher plan. They said 'we'll look for a backup and let you know' over a week ago. Since then, the domain renewal came up, I missed it due to work holidays, and they never sent me any sort of notice. The domain ( is not currently ours.

    I am, understandably I hope, fed up with Netrillium. I think that the owner, Ermina, is a saint, but she hires idiots. My long-winded question is this: where do I go?

    I am getting the internet at home within a week, so I will be able to keep my own eye on my next Movable Type (or possibly Textpattern) installation, so support needs to be polite and quick, but they don't have to hold my hand. All I want is responses to my queries!

    I want a place which will register a domain for roughly $10US or under, and give me ~200MB of disk space, 300 would be better. I've just been away from the design world for so long I have lost touch with hosting companies, registrars and all its related ilk.

    I'm pretty sad about my Netrillium breakup. I used to have a reseller account, hosted all sorts of freebie templates, design collectives... *sigh*


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