batch renaming badly named files in windows

    Date: 01/04/07 (WebDesign)    Keywords: web

    Hey folks, thought I would ask about this here because another webmonkey might have come across the same situation before...

    I've been handed a huge pile of image files to make a web gallery of. They're all in totally inappropriate formats, resolutions, and bytesizes but I can easily take care of all that. What appears to be less trivial, at least to me, is renaming them for more efficient use online. They all have long descriptive names with mixed case, special characters, and yes - spaces.

    Now, under OSX or any unix-like OS I would have no trouble with this, but at work I'm trapped in a combination of Windows XP and Windows 2003. The built-in renaming feature of Explorer can only use a naming scheme that includes parentheses and spaces, so that's out as an option. Before I just start randomly downloading stuff, I was wondering - does anyone here have a good recommendation for a freeware (not naggy shareware) tool that runs on Windows for batch renaming files?

    Thanks in advance!


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