Date: 03/15/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: software, virus, spyware

    my girlfriend's cousin has a dell dimension 4600c that has been eaten alive by spyware and trojans and everything. she had a dsl connection without any kind of firewall and stuff and no spyware blockers, and norton virus scan (so may as well be no virus scan). i am trying to figure out how to do an image restore, but she can't find the CD that would have that on it. pretty much every computer i have ever had has come with a cd that will let you restore to the factory settings and erase everything else, but dell is weird and likes to do things their own way so i don't know if that will work or not.

    if anyone knows anything about dell or has any advice for me.  kinda don't wanna wipe the whole drive because i don't wanna spend like 7 hours trying to get the computer back running and then put all the software she needs on there. bleah!!!!!!!!!! help!


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