password stealing webmail login?

    Date: 06/16/05 (Computer Help)    Keywords: security, web, yahoo, ebay

    The bookmark that takes me to my webmail (yahoo) was directing me to but I had to type my password in every time I opened it (previously I would only have to type it in once every 24 hours). I didn't think much of it, Yahoo's been changing some stuff around so I thought it might just be a temporary change.
    Today it kept saying my password/username wasn't correct when I was *sure* I typed it in correctly. It asked me to retype my password as well as my username and put in some scrambled letters and numbers in an image - a security feature. I do it and I'm in my email.

    Things are seeming a bit fishy so I checked the url and it was so I went to and clicked the "check mail" link and was directed to So what is I'm thinking my password and username were stolen and perhaps I've got someone going through my email, possibly looking for ebay passwords.



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