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    Date: 09/20/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: ecommerce, software, web

    This is my first time posting here so hi!

    Just a quick question... I've been asked to design a website and write a booking form for a local company that's just starting up. The thing is they want online payment which is something I'm a little nervous about setting up - I don't want to be sued by them if something goes wrong. I've had a brief look at eCommerce software already out there but the problem is they work on a catalogue basis which just won't work in this situation. So does anyone know of any eCommerce software that only deals with a payment system (i.e. via PayPal, etc) or one that has some form of catalogue that would be easy to bolt something else on to?

    Has anyone had experience of writing software dealing with payments and have any idea how to "cover your arse" when doing so? This is the first time I've done such work for money so I don't want it to go wrong!


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