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    Date: 09/23/05 (PHP Community)    Keywords: php, html

    Hi everyone. I'm sure you could help me.

    The situation:
    I have a page with php and html that list all db records with checkboxes and than (if delete button was pressed) delete the records that were checked by the user and write how many of it were deleted.

    The task: I'd like the user to see the results of deletion on the same page, preferably on the same place where the list of records was at first. So perhaps I need somehow the old list of db records to be cleaned from the page and replaced with new selection (where the deleted record(s), surely won't be).

    The problem: for the moment I'm completely lost. I didn't found any 'refresh' or similar functions in PHP. Presently I even do not know which direction to move.
    May be some of you do?

    Additional info: the page has the structure like


    (N records were deleted - is printed after the delete button was hit and deletion is executed)

    I'm coding on php very a little so don't laugh aloud.


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