HWCompany v11.1.7

    Date: 02/22/06 (PHP Community)    Keywords: templates, mysql, database, sql

    New additions to the languages, support and templates... and changes in the database, sessions and parser...


    • updated version


    • added small-script codes for more language strings in site

    • updated the german descriptions


    • added small-script parser for the language strings


    • added cookies to remember skin, language and login

    • added failsafe sessions


    • removed strings now in the small-script

    • overviewed and cleared of errors

    I hope this version will be even better as progress continues to move on...
    I really love working on this site... it teaches me much...

    In the future, I' m gonna move to another server, with MySQL... but I still have to see what that contains...
    If they use a contract, things can get out of hand, so I have to watch out...
    I already have my wishes written down for them... so we' ll see...

    If you want to test the site, I' ve got the links here:

    There you go, enjoy your visit!

    As far as the script for the winamp controller, I have no idea why it doesn' t work on the computers at "work"...
    It seems like they have a secure network, but then the IT guy tells me it' s not secured... it makes me go blah! lol

    I' ll try find a way around, because I' m just me, and I have to get through this...


    You may think I' m crazy, right?

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