1. Martin Fink

    Date: 02/16/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software, linux

    The most provocative comments at LinuxWorld this week were those of Martin Fink, vice president of Linux for Hewlett-Packard.Here is the short version. Don't like software patents? Tough. Well, I don't like software patents. They are, in fact, protections of mathematical expression. They're hows. Real inventions are whats. They should ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=153

  2. Time to regulate the software industry?

    Date: 02/17/05 (Security)    Keywords: software, virus

    As software flaws serve as an open door to viruses and worms, industry observers debate regulating software companies.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/Time+to+regulate+the+software+industry%3F/2100-1009_22-5579963.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

  3. SCO may be delisted from Nasdaq

    Date: 02/17/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software

    It doesn't look like 2005 is going to be a good year for SCO. The Salt Lake Tribune's Bob Mims reports that SCO may be delisted from the Nasdaq for missing filing deadlines. Under federal law, the Lindon-based software company - best known ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=156

  4. Linuxworld’s biggest headline

    Date: 02/17/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software, linux

    The biggest headline from LinuxWorld didn't come from IBM, or Novell, or even the Free Software Foundation.In my opinion it came from the Open Source Initiative (OSI), which said it plans to whittle the number of "open source licenses" from 50 to 3 in the next two months. This is ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=155

  5. Lexus: Cabir won't infect our cars

    Date: 02/17/05 (Security)    Keywords: software, security, virus

    In its blog, security software maker F-Secure posts excerpts from a Lexus statement defending its cars' safety from viruses.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/Lexus%3A+Cabir+won%27t+infect+our+cars/2100-1009_22-5581162.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

  6. Microsoft like glitch in Google Maps too : MaximDim

    Date: 02/18/05 (Java Web)    Keywords: software

    What's up with these mapping software? Even with good old trusted mapquest I used to see that it often comes up with really stupid directions. The example by Dmitri gives a direction for travelling 204 miles when the places are 30 miles apart and with good connectivity!

    Source: http://feeds.feedburner.com/AngsumansBlogOnJavaAndWebTechnologies?m=157

  7. Don’t call this blog open source

    Date: 02/18/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software

    Peter Brown is the new executive director of the Free Software Foundation. In the first of what I hope will be many interviews with ZDNet, he asks that we change the name of this blog:Open Source is a term that was created to mask the ideals of Software Freedom established ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=157

  8. Gartner takes Microsoft to task

    Date: 02/18/05 (Security)    Keywords: software, virus, antivirus, spyware

    Software giant should focus on securing Windows, not on entering anti-spyware and antivirus market, an analyst says.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/Gartner+takes+Microsoft+to+task/2100-1009_22-5582742.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

  9. AOL blocks music-copying feature

    Date: 02/18/05 (Web Technology)    Keywords: software

    Internet giant says its Winamp software shouldn't be used to swipe free songs from Napster and other digital music services.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/AOL+blocks+music-copying+feature/2100-9588_22-5582618.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

  10. Controlling PCs over the Internet

    Date: 11/13/04 (Software)    Keywords: software

    Hi folks,

    Does anyone have any software recommendations for controlling one PC by another over the Internet?

    Netmeeting is just proving to be so problematic, and doesn't cope well with any connection problem.

    I am aware of VNC, but would like to find something that's a little more straightforward to use (and that my parents can cope with installing).

    So I'm looking for something simple to use, that just does the job.

    Any ideas?


    Edit: Just to emphasise, this needs to be used by a very non-savvy computer user at the other end i.e. my parents, so I can help them troubleshoot problems with their PC over the Internet. Finding IP addresses etc. is just beyond their capacity, so something similar in manner of connection an IM client would probably be good (or something they can cope with).

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/software/43445.html

  11. Office 2003 weirdness

    Date: 11/12/04 (Software)    Keywords: software, microsoft, google

    Hi folks,

    Recently with Office 2003 when I start Word and FrontPage (which I use most commonly) I get a dialog with "Installing: Microsoft Office Word feature" and "Installing: Microsoft Office FrontPage feature" respectively. The program starts after a few second once the install is complete, so the software is still working at least.

    It's getting increasingly annoyed though as (a) it adds to the time to start the application (b) I'm wondering why on earth it does this.

    Any ideas why it's doing this? A quick Google hasn't turned up anything that I can see.


    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/software/43187.html

  12. Updating Programs

    Date: 08/11/04 (Software)    Keywords: software

    Does anyone know where to get a program that will search for software updates on programs I have installed? I've been looking around and not finding much. Thanks!

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/software/40844.html

  13. More from Brown

    Date: 02/21/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software

    The remarks of new Free Software Foundation executive director Peter Brown on free vs. open source software last week certainly struck a nerve in TalkBack.I interviewed him late Friday, and hope some of his other remarks can stimulate more high-quality dialogue.I opened by asking about my recent piece on Martin ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=158

  14. cheap webhosting w/ php provided?

    Date: 08/26/04 (PHP Development)    Keywords: php, software, html, asp, hosting

    i've been using pair networks to host my html only page for www.fablesoft.com for a few years now, but i'm going to need php hosting soon and would rather not pay upwards of $20 just to have php enabled.. i've come across doteasy.com for $9.95 a month... but i dunno, any suggestions? any horror stories?

    one thing i can say for pair is that they are RELIABLE, not that my silly software site needs ultra-reliability hosting or anything, but that's a nice aspect of pair.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/php_dev/47192.html

  15. Crunch time

    Date: 02/22/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software

    We have a fascinating story today, from C|Net's Ed Frauenheim, saying software developers are suffering less "crunch time," and are volunteering open time to open source.Now I get the contradiction. Fewer hours on the books because you're working more off the books? Ed's article also says you're spending more time ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=160

  16. Microsoft: Antispam tools assist HIV research

    Date: 02/23/05 (Web Technology)    Keywords: software, virus, spam

    The software giant's research arm says software meant to sort spam could help fight the deadly virus.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/Microsoft%3A+Antispam+tools+assist+HIV+research/2100-9588_22-5587282.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

  17. The great divide

    Date: 02/24/05 (Open Source)    Keywords: software

    One of the great themes I've seen emerge in TalkBack has been a great divide on what should be the chief priority of open source.As we saw with Peter Brown, free is one priority. Tools should be free because it's work and what is done with software that carries the ...

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/index.php?p=164

  18. Flash software

    Date: 02/24/05 (Web Development)    Keywords: software

    Any recommendations on the best flash software out there? I'm assuming everyone is gonna say Macromedia MX 2004, but has anyone here used Swish or other flash development software? I'm looking for something thats powerful and easy to use, the only one I've ever worked with in the past is Coffee Cup. Any input would be helpful, Thanks.

    Source: http://www.livejournal.com/community/webdev/175405.html

  19. Microsoft says sorry for AntiSpyware error

    Date: 02/24/05 (Security)    Keywords: software, web, spyware, microsoft

    A Dutch Web site has accepted an apology from Microsoft after it was blacklisted by the software giant's anti-spyware tool.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/Microsoft+says+sorry+for+AntiSpyware+error/2100-1009_22-5589000.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

  20. Take three: Antivirus apps could spread infection

    Date: 02/25/05 (Security)    Keywords: software, security, virus

    A flaw in Trend Micro's software lets attackers run a virus instead of stopping it, in the third such security hole found this month.

    Source: http://news.zdnet.com/Take+three%3A+Antivirus+apps+could+spread+infection/2100-1009_22-5589439.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

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